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Young Alum's Unique Outlook on Beta Zeta's Return

Michael Howlett '12 Says Accountability, Adherence, and Emphasis on Tradition will be Critical

Over the past year, we’ve talked to many alumni about the experiences they had as undergrad members of Beta Zeta Chapter. This past month, we sat down with Michael Howlett (BZ 2138), one of our most recent graduates before we were shut down in 2014.

Michael learned a great deal and grew tremendously during his years in the chapter house, but he also witnessed some of the early signs that the chapter was straying from the ideals and values laid out by Sigma Nu. Having that experience, he can offer some valuable advice for the future.

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Alumni Spotlight: Bob Sykes ’84

A Lifetime of Friendships and Memories Made at Littleton Street 

Though Bob Sykes ’84 (BZ 1296), perhaps better known by his nickname 'Bugsy', didn’t ever envision himself joining a fraternity, it turned out to be a decision that still benefits him to this day. From lifelong friendships to prioritizing a busy schedule, Bob built a foundation for success and happiness—thanks to Beta Zeta.

“Sigma Nu was the only fraternity that I rushed,” Bob explains. “My two closest friends from Wiley Hall, Dave Paul (BZ 1303) and Dave Criger (BZ 1318), were rushing and asked me to go with them to an event at the house.”

And he quickly fell in love with the fraternity.

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Why Sigma Nu is Among His Greatest Accomplishments

“The Memories are Not Done Being Made.”

Brother Benjamin Held (BZ 2020)—now Captain Benjamin Held, USMC—knows a lot about loyalty. He says two of his three biggest accomplishments in life are his family and his Marine career. He is proud of his wife (Jennifer), his sons, and his service to the nation. And according to him, the third of his greatest accomplishments in life is his membership in Sigma Nu.

Benjamin joined Sigma Nu because of the camaraderie and brotherhood he witnessed in the house, but he never predicted how much it would come to mean to him.

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