Brothers, we are back in the house at 1301 Tower Drive for the Fall Semester of 2019 and the Purdue Sigma Nu Alumni Association is hosting a tailgate.  It may have been years for us all to be back, but since this is also the 150th year of Purdue University and Sigma Nu, it is only fitting to throw a party like only the Sigma Nu's can.
Join in on all the fun, food, football, and fellowship as we “raise our song anew.” Special events at the House include Alumni Association meeting in the Library at 9:00 am, Pig Roast catered by the Pork Mafia BBQ at 10:30 am, Kickoff at Noon and family-friendly celebration on the hill.   After the Purdue victory come back to the House to celebrate with more food and fellowship.
Special note - New policy around alcohol.  Alcohol above 15% alcohol by volume (ABV) is prohibited at chapter facilities except when served by a licensed and insured third-party vendor. This applies no matter who is the one bringing the greater than 15% ABV alcohol onto the property.  In short - no hard liquor on the House grounds for any of the football games in 2019.
Homecoming football game against Maryland will kick off at noon. We look forward to seeing you!
If you have interest in helping set up some activities for Homecoming, please reach out to Drew Adam ( and Jason Norman (

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