A Few Brothers Have Spoken.

You answered five brief questions in a survey last month. Here is what you said:

What is your fondest memory of being part of Sigma Nu?

  • My final week of pledge ship and the week following. In that last week, my pledge brothers and I grew closer as a pledge class and the house welcomed us with open arms. I remember looking at my Big Bro who had my finished wood. The sense of accomplishment was more uplifting than anything I had ever experienced before nor have I experienced since. The following week, we were still hesitant to transition from being pledges to being brothers, we were constantly reminded that we were brothers, constantly welcomed, we had accomplished something. We had earned a spot in this community.
  • The big events like Grand Prix and football weekends.
  • The fellowship and singing together… working together as brothers.


What are the top 3 things you gained from your Sigma Nu experience?

  • Grit, Dedication, Selflessness
  • Brotherhood and a sense of a common bond and purpose. Lifelong friends, How to make efficient use of my time.
  • Patience, family living, freedom.


How would your life be different today if you had never joined Sigma Nu?

  • I doubt I would have been able to succeed. Pledge ship, better than anything else, prepared me for life's challenges and I gained lifetime friendships as a brother as well as countless fond memories and experiences.
  • I would feel less of a connection to my time at Purdue.
  • My college days would likely be hollow.....so many great days while at Purdue.


Share an update (family, career, hobbies, other interesting news) for possible publication in an upcoming mailing.

  • I've been in the military for over 5 years, deployed once, and I still stay in touch with my brothers.
  • My wife Beth and I had our 30th-anniversary last year. Our oldest daughter Rachel got married in February, our son Adam, just got engaged and bought a house and our youngest, Sarah just graduated from Purdue.
  • Retired Spring 2018 from US Dept of State. Now living on a farm I'm SE Virginia. The pursuit of military history continues with collecting/restoration/study.


As an alumni association, we strive to keep you connected with the Beta Zeta chapter long after graduation. What could we do to encourage you to become more active in the association? Perhaps by hosting more fun events? Any other advice?

  • Continue events such as the alumni golf outing and homecoming. Organize alumni events in cities such as Chicago and Indianapolis
  • Hosting events would be good. Possibly even an event in Indianapolis for local alums.
  • I recall returning once or twice since graduation in 1969. Alcohol is a serious topic for college-age men and women.


Thank you for sharing your memories and your opinions. Your words mean something to us, brothers. We have heard you and will act on your advice.

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