Coming from Northern Virginia, attending school in Indiana was quite a distinct difference in lifestyle - being a culmination of college campus life and a very different local culture. When I came to Purdue, I really didn't know much about Greek Life, but the concept of Fraternity - a brotherhood to call "home on campus" really appealed to me. So I went to meet the Greeks and I rushed, I rushed and rushed and rushed - I went through this cycle for three semesters until I came across Sigma Nu. After seeing so many houses and never finally setting on one was quite a disheartening experience - I had come to consensus that the concept of finding a brotherhood was false and a forced idea.

But once I met Preston, the leadership consultant for our colony, I was drawn to the unique opportunity recolonization offered. So when I was offered a bid, I took a leap of faith and accepted it. And it has been one of the best decisions I've made so far. My passion for building our colony recently led to me being elected the re-founding Commander for Beta Zeta Sigma Nu. As a colony, we have decided that our first terms will last about three semesters.

During this time, my main goal in mind to set a path for the colony to become chartered and eventually a rock chapter by recruiting passionate men and fostering a meaningful impact on our school community. Though many people may view our recolonization as a difficult, even fruitless effort, I see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to create an establishment unlike any other that Purdue has seen before.

Lost List

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