Brother Bill Carr '02

Bill Carr, ’02 Sigma Nu and Purdue graduate, credits his time at Sigma Nu for his ability to connect with people from all walks of life. During his time at Purdue, he hung out with many different groups of people, and learned to hone the skill of talking to anyone.

“I came from Indianapolis and the majority of my friends that went on to college education went to Indiana University,” Carr says. “I really only had one or two close acquaintances at Purdue, so joining the fraternity really helped me get outside of my comfort zone and meet new people that were not inside my normal bubble… I could hang out with many different groups of kids. It made me wear a lot of hats and realize that there’s a lot of different personalities out there in the world.”

That skill has served Carr well in his career as a salesman. After graduating from Purdue with a degree in selling and sales management, he got a job in corporate sales with Nextel selling cell phones. After that he landed in selling commercial paint, which spiraled into six years of project management putting in commercial kitchens. After that six years, he decidedly desired to move back to sales and put the two together. He has spent the last eight years selling commercial kitchen equipment as a food service equipment manager for Duncan Supply Company.

During those eight years Carr has also been serving as president of the Housing Corp for Sigma Nu. The role required being in charge of the physical structure of the house, seeing if there’s anything that needs fixed, preventative maintenance of the house, coordinating contracts with the tenants of the house, hiring a company that would handle the day-to-day upkeep of the house, and seeing the house through a difficult time when they were kicked off campus. He found a tenant for the home to keep the finances stable for the last four years, and now that the Brothers are able to move back into the house in fall 2019, he felt it would be a good time to step down from the role and let someone else start the next chapter.

Despite his extensive service in that role, Carr didn’t hold many positions in his time at the fraternity - primarily because he was heavily involved with the Purdue Men’s Soccer Club. He was one of two freshman to make the traveling team in his first year, and there were other Sigma Nu Brothers on the team that he became close to. Those guys were the reason that Carr ended up at Sigma Nu.

“I rushed at several houses to see what would be a good fit, but kept coming back to Sigma Nu because of the guys on the soccer club,” Carr says.

There were other Sigma Nu Brothers that followed Carr on the team as well giving the Brothers a regular presence on the team. By his senior year, Carr was serving as president of the soccer club.

Carr still remains in touch with many of the fraternity Brothers, and holding true to his days at Purdue, with different groups of guys. One group that has remained local tries to get together for at least one football and one basketball game each season, whether they go in person or just get together to watch a game. There’s a group text thread that keeps them in the loop in the interim that gets pretty lively during the sporting seasons.

He has a friend in Chicago he tries to see any time one of them visits the other’s area, and for a while they would try to make it to Big 10 games in either city. While growing families have thwarted their efforts to do so regularly over the last few years, they still stay in touch and reconnect whenever they can make the opportunity.

Carr continues to look back fondly on his days at Purdue whether he’s remembering the Saturday mornings that meant waking up to 10,000 people tailgating on his backyard, or the week-long Grand Prix celebration, the overarching memory is simply the bonds created with the Brothers that continue to prove themselves lifelong.

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