Fall InitiationNew Candidate Induction Ceremony Held November 9th in Indy

It was an exciting night for our Beta Zeta colony. Many of the colony members rode down in a chartered bus to the north side of Indy where the candidate induction ceremony was held November 9th. This is the ceremony we all went through, that signifies the beginning of pledgeship. Five local alumni conducted the ceremony and the entire group pictured went out for pizza dinner afterwards. Serving as Eminent Commander for the night was Aaron Hohenbrink (BZ 1636). Also serving as officers in the ceremony were Zach Brettnacher (BZ 1988), Jeff Hollings (BZ 1178), Jay Maddox (BZ 1065), and Jack Negley (BZ 1185). It was a fun night of interaction between the colony and alumni. All are pictured except for the Sentinel for the night, Jack Negley, who volunteered to be the photographer.

You might wonder why the ceremony was held in Indy. Well, the colony members thought it would be fun to go on a field trip. Also, the Alumni Advisory Board thought it would be great to get Indy alumni involved and all were invited. It turned out to be a great night. If we do it away from West Lafayette again, we hope more alumni will attend.

You might also wonder why alumni needed to conduct the ceremony. Well, Beta Zeta is fully recognized by Purdue, but is recognized by national as a colony for now, not yet a chapter. The colony needs to achieve certain metrics (including things like size, GPA average, philanthropy goals...) before national will recharter the colony. Until that time, the colony members can not be initiated as Sigma Nus and can not conduct ceremonies.

Lost List

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