Name: Agam Jain
Hometown: Sterling, VA
Position: Commander
Major: Industrial Engineering
Minor: Business Management

Coming from Northern Virginia, attending school in Indiana was quite a distinct difference in lifestyle - being a culmination of college campus life and a very different local culture. When I came to Purdue, I really didn't know much about Greek Life, but the concept of Fraternity - a brotherhood to call "home on campus" really appealed to me. So I went to meet the Greeks and I rushed, I rushed and rushed and rushed - I went through this cycle for three semesters until I came across Sigma Nu. After seeing so many houses and never finally setting on one was quite a disheartening experience - I had come to consensus that the concept of finding a brotherhood was false and a forced idea.

But once I met Preston, the leadership consultant for our colony, I was drawn to the unique opportunity recolonization offered. So when I was offered a bid, I took a leap of faith and accepted it. And it has been one of the best decisions I've made so far. My passion for building our colony recently led to me being elected the re-founding Commander for Beta Zeta Sigma Nu. As a colony, we have decided that our first terms will last about three semesters.

During this time, my main goal in mind to set a path for the colony to become chartered and eventually a rock chapter by recruiting passionate men and fostering a meaningful impact on our school community. Though many people may view our recolonization as a difficult, even fruitless effort, I see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to create an establishment unlike any other that Purdue has seen before.


Name: David Park
Hometown: Dyer, IN
Position: Lieutenant Commander
Major: Civil Engineering

I joined the Sigma Nu’s Beta Zeta chapter because I believed that there was so much potential in the impact we could make in Purdue’s campus. Being a re-founding father of this chapter was that opportunity to make that impact. I hope that as we build our family of brothers, we can become one of the most respected fraternities on campus.

My vision and goal is to ensure that the Sigma Nu Beta Zeta chapter becomes a Rock Chapter by the Fall of 2018. This will be achieved by coordinating the components within each committee so that they are successful in reaching the chapter’s end of the year goals.


Name: Forrest Brown
Hometown: Zionsville, IN
Position: Treasurer
Major: Electrical Engineering & Math

My name is Forrest Brown, I'm a freshman from Indianapolis, Indiana, and I'm the treasurer for the Beta Zeta Colony at Purdue. I joined the Beta Zeta colony because I was interested in being in a fraternity, and was enticed by the chance to create my own fraternity experience and start from the ground up. Beta Zeta has a long history as a successful chapter, and I'm excited to start building upon that history.

As treasurer, I want to be as involved with the fraternity and community as possible. My hope is that once the Beta Zeta colony is chartered, we will already be fully operational and will have all the things most fraternities have. As treasurer, it will be my responsibility to help make that happen. and help make Sigma Nu a leader in the community again.


: Anthony Telerico
Hometown: Aurora, OH
Position: Recorder
Major: Computer Science

When I was first offered membership to Sigma Nu’s Beta Zeta chapter I was ecstatic that I would be given the opportunity to re-establish an organization. This chance I was given to re-build and foster a new culture and mentality around Sigma Nu was something that I would never thought that I would be given a chance to do. I chose Sigma Nu for this reason, and that initiated my personal strive towards having a large and impactful stance in the fraternity construction. My aspirations of being more than a general member drove me to run for the Recorder position. The ability to organize and keep records of all important documents and files for the fraternity gave me a strong sense of purpose. This position gives me the mentality that my performance directly influences the success of the fraternity now and for years to come. Our actions today and from now on impact how we will grow in population and culture. I believe that with the strong leadership and members we now have, us, the Beta Zeta chapter of Sigma Nu can create one of the strongest and most respectable fraternities across the entire Purdue campus and maybe even nationally.


: Jacob Justus
Hometown: Crawfordsville, IN
Position: Marshal
Major: Engineering and Technology Education

The reason I joined Sigma Nu was because I really thought that it is going to be one of the top fraternities on campus again and I saw it as my chance to leave something behind that will be there for a long time. After meeting the guys, I realized the previous statement to be true, because the people I met seemed genuine and all around great guys. I’m very excited to be working on getting this fraternity back to its former position with this group of people and the other we recruit. As Marshal, I plan on being the person who all the new members can come to for anything they need help with. I want to use this opportunity to not only be great Sigma Nus but to also make them into gentlemen. I’m very grateful that I was voted into this position and I hope I can give everyone my best effort.


: Noah Brisco
Hometown: Noblesville, IN
Position: Chaplain
Major: Pre-Pharmacy

My name is Noah Brisco and I am a freshman from Noblesville, Indiana studying pharmacy at Purdue. I joined Sigma Nu because I was looking for a fraternity that shared my same beliefs and ambitions. When I heard about Sigma Nu's return to campus, I joined because the idea of a fresh start to a well-respected national fraternity really appealed to me. Not only does being a Sigma Nu carry honor and respect around the entire United States but being able to build it from the ground up fulfilled all the things I was looking for in a fraternity. After I had accepted my bid, I really wanted to run for a leadership position. I saw it as another way to have a voice within my fraternity and to help influence how it was reestablished. On election day, I was nominated for the chaplain position. A few of the guys knew I had a religious background and that I was eager to spread my voice and ideas around the house. The idea that the chaplain is deeply involved within the brotherhood of the house really intrigued me. After going over the duties of my elected office, I am very excited to not only be a part of Sigma Nu but also be the fraternity's chaplain. My goal is to create a house that everyone feels comfortable in and being the chaplain gives me all the opportunities I would ever need to make this happen.


: Kyle Weiss
Hometown: Columbus, IN
Position: Recruitment Chairman
Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology

I joined the Beta Zeta chapter of Sigma Nu because I saw the bright future that this fraternity could have. The appeal of starting our own fraternity from scratch and building our own fraternity experience really jumped out to me. I have always wanted to become a part of a fraternity brotherhood and I’m ecstatic that I can continue to build our fraternity for the future. As the recruitment chairman, I will personally guarantee that we will recruit the best of men that possess the qualities that we at the Beta Zeta chapter of Sigma Nu look for in a brother

• Increase chapter membership from this point in time (31 members) by 80% (56 members) by the end of Spring 2018 semester.
• During the first 3 weeks of recruitment in Spring 2018, we will host 6 recruitment events (2 per week) and add 150 PNM’s to the MPL.
• By the end of this semester, we need to host at least 1 recruitment workshop for our current members.


: Jacob Copas
Hometown: Brookston, IN
Position: LEAD Chairman
Major: Public Health

Why I joined Sigma Nu: I joined a fraternity for the brotherhood like everyone else. I joined Sigma Nu because I could align myself with their values of love, honor, and truth. Also with joining Sigma Nu, I have the opportunity to develop my own fraternity experience along with my brothers.

Hoping to accomplish: In my position as LEAD Chairman, I plan to select sessions and guest speakers that will develop the men of the Beta Zeta chapter into role models/leaders on and off campus.


: Anish Mohan
Hometown: Bangalore, India
Position: Scholarship Chairman
Major: Professional Flight Technology

I am Anish Mohan, a Sophomore in Professional Flight Technology. I took a leap of faith and joined Sigma Nu-Beta Zeta because I wanted to experience a fraternity life at the same time change the image of the TFM type. The two things I found most appealing about Beta Zeta colony was a chance to start something new and stronger as well as promote anti-hazing. The primary reason for coming to University for students is academics and as the Scholarship officer I felt like I could make a bigger difference in this area. For a colony/chapter to survive, academics is a very strong foundation. My goal is to build that foundation for the remaining years I am a member of Beta Zeta such that it cannot be broken.


Name: Steve Seelan
Hometown: East Brunswick, NJ
Position: Social Chairman
Major: Electrical Engineering

I joined Sigma Nu to be a part of something bigger than myself and make an impact in Purdue. I never thought of joining a fraternity in the beginning but once I was shown what Sigma Nu was about, Love, Honor, and Truth, I was convinced that this was the fraternity that I wanted to join. As Social Chairman I want to get my brothers to form relationships with everyone on campus, greek life or not. I also want to have the brothers to become the best of friends with everyone in our fraternity.


: Everett Mitchel
Hometown: Carmel, IN
Position: Philanthropy and Service Chairman
Major: Pre-Pharmacy

I joined Sigma Nu because I was looking for a community that would be a good fit for me. When I rushed in the fall, I visited my parent's fraternity, but something about it just didn't seem right to me. So when I got a message from Sigma Nu saying that they wanted to talk to me, I was very hesitant. However, after doing my research about Sigma Nu and talking to my parents, who both did Greek Life, I decided to go through with it and meet the guys. I found that Sigma Nu was the right fit for me and I do not regret accepting my bid. The major goal for my position are to re-create a name for Sigma Nu in the community here at Purdue. I want to create unique opportunities for the chapter to prove that we are here to stay and that we are not just a stereotype of fraternities, but a group of men who are willing to support and help grow their community.


Name: Ben Collins
Hometown: Fishers, IN
Position: Risk Reduction Chairman/Sentinel
Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology

I joined Beta Zeta for the chance to leave a great legacy here on Purdue’s campus and with Sigma Nu as an organization. I knew that I would enjoy my college experience a lot more if I found a group to associate with and joining the Sigma Nu fraternity was my first choice, and it has the best choice I have made since I came to Purdue. My goal as Sentinel is to help advise my brothers on the Risk Reduction Policy and allow for us to have amazing and exciting social functions, while following all policies to keep ourselves protected in the case anything should happen.

Officer Goals for Sentinel
1. Allow all our guests and members to have a fun and safe time during our functions this semester.
2. Inform all members and incoming members of the Risk Reduction Policy to protect us in the case that any incident out of our control would happen to occur at our social functions.
3. Keep possible underage drinking situations at our functions to a minimum and put all procedures in place to keep this from happening.


Name: Anirudh “Ani” Vasudevan
Hometown: Singapore
Position: Alumni Relations Chairman
Major: Mechanical Engineering

I joined Sigma Nu mainly because of the fact that I wanted to meet new people and make lifelong friends. With Purdue having such a large population, it would be impossible to know everyone. By joining a fraternity, it makes Purdue a lot smaller and I am able to interact with more people at a deeper level.

As an Alumni relations officer, I hope to establish positive relations with the alumni, but not only from the beta zeta chapter, but hopefully other chapters as well. I want to rebuild the chapter and put it in positive light amongst the community. A lot of people have misconceptions about what a fraternity is and what they do, but as an officer, I hope to change that.

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