Candidate Induction Ceremony - Fall 2017On Friday September 22, we inducted 19 of our new candidates (pledges). A little over half are freshman, but we also have a number of sophomores and a couple of juniors.  Many are from Indiana, but we also have guys from Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, Connecticut, California, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, India and Singapore.  We are still recruiting and as of September 27, we have 6 more who have accepted bids and are now up to 25 candidates.

Candidate Induction Ceremony - Fall 2017It was a very exciting night and ceremony conducted by 5 of our Beta Zeta alumni who volunteered to be officers (Al Wurster, BZ 1334, Jeff Ulrich BZ 1719, Jay Gardner BZ  1259, Aaron Hohenbrink BZ  1636, and Matt Kline BZ 1924). We also had 8 other Beta Zeta alumni in attendance. After the ceremony, we had a group session where we went around the room introducing ourselves and talking about our experiences as Beta Zetas. The alumni talked about the lifelong friendships they made through Sigma Nu and the great times they had in the chapter. It was very motivational for the candidates! It is hard to describe how special the chemistry was unless you were there.

Lost List

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