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Remembering the “Pledge Jingle”

Bob Sykes’ recent feature story sparked some conversation about a lost Beta Zeta tradition.

“I have often wondered if other brothers remember ‘the jingle’ that we were required to recite during the final week of pledgeship,” Bob had asked.

Based on the comments from Richard McCaffrey (BZ 1325) and Greg Scott (BZ 1292), it seems the so-called jingle is not easily forgotten.

Here are the words these alumni can recall:

"From Boston, Maine, to the coast of Spain, in Europe and in Asia. From California to Oregon and down around Eustratia. There are many chapters of Sigma Nu with spirit mighty fine and they've been rolling onward since 1869. In '91 to John Purdue there came to be another, and here I am a lowly pledge hoping to become a brother. Pledge <full name> is my name and I will get the man you want if you will pull the chain and listen for the trickle, for I have carried on so long that you will have to deposit another nickel. May I help you, please?"

Do you remember this tradition? Or is there another one that stands out? Leave your comments below!

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