John “Goo” Benish Jr. ’89 (BZ 1402)

John “Goo” Benish Jr. ’89 (BZ 1402)

“I am now living in Downers Grove, Illinois with my wife of 19 years and my four children. I still go down for a couple of football and basketball games each year. I’m a season ticket holder for both sports.

I still like going to Harry’s Chocolate Shop and Triple XXX!”

Richard “Pappy” McCaffrey ’83 (BZ 1325)

Richard “Pappy” McCaffrey ’83 (BZ 1325)

“I am still in Texas, married to Lori for 25+ years, and working for Merck in pharmaceutical sales. In the past year, our daughter, Colleen, graduated from the University of Oklahoma (Nursing) and was commissioned a 2LT in the USAF (like father, like daughter—she was ROTC). She married an ROTC classmate, Josh Page, last May and 2LT Page is currently in pilot training here in Texas. Our son, Danny, will graduate from the US Naval Academy in May (Mech E and Japanese) and will commission as a 2LT in the USMC.

I had the great pleasure of catching up with my dear friend and pledge brother Al “Alby” Wurster ’85 at this year’s Army-Navy football game in Philly (Alby’s nephew is a classmate of Danny – small world huh?!).

Can’t wait to hear from other brothers and for the reactivation of BZ at Purdue. Boiler Up!”

Lew Meier ’60 (BZ 923)

Lew Meier ’60 (BZ 923)

“I retired on April 2, 2012 after a career in engineering research of more than 50 years. (I wanted to retire April 1, but it was a Monday.)

Thirty-six of those years were spent working for the Department of the Navy—part of the time at the Naval Avionics Facility Indianapolis while I was at Purdue, five years from 1974 to 1979 at the SACLANT ASW Center in La Spezia, Italy, and finally from 1983 to 2012 at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center and its predecessors first in New London, Connecticut and then in New- port, Road Island.

Cheri teaches Latin at East Lyme High School in East Lyme, Connecticut. We have two children: Valerie, born shortly after we arrived in Italy and Lewis, born about a year after we returned to the U.S. Valerie has taught English in Japan and Laos and English as a Second Language in San Francisco, California and is presently  a graduate student at UC Santa Barbara 

Lewis works for a company that sells and services fire safety equipment. His wife, Andrea, is a Research Associate at Dartmouth University where she directs research in opiate addiction.

The last time I was back at Purdue was Homecoming 2010, when several Beta Zeta Sigma Nus attended a reunion organized by Don Knoop.”

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