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Why Sigma Nu is Among His Greatest Accomplishments

“The Memories are Not Done Being Made.”

Brother Benjamin Held (BZ 2020)—now Captain Benjamin Held, USMC—knows a lot about loyalty. He says two of his three biggest accomplishments in life are his family and his Marine career. He is proud of his wife (Jennifer), his sons, and his service to the nation. And according to him, the third of his greatest accomplishments in life is his membership in Sigma Nu.

Benjamin joined Sigma Nu because of the camaraderie and brotherhood he witnessed in the house, but he never predicted how much it would come to mean to him.

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The Journey into Knighthood

Navy Veteran Rich McCaffrey '83 Continues to Thrive on Sigma Nu Values

The current Sigma Nu house isn't the same one Rich McCaffrey ’83 lived in during his time in college.

But it’s the one he, along with many others, pledged to support in the early 1990s, because it didn’t matter that he hasn’t been on campus since 1988. Nor did it matter that he would never live in the chapter house. What did matter was giving back to a chapter that shaped his college experience—and his life—in more ways than he could have expected. What did matter was sustaining the chapter for more brothers to experience.

It was a testament to the gratitude and respect that Rich still holds today for our chapter. And why he’s realizing he needs to make a trip back to see the house!

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A Labor of Love: 15+ Years of Providing Guidance to Sigma Nu Brothers

How many people can say they were blessed to receive the very same award received by Harrison Ford and Bob Barker? For Chuck Ludwig ’72 (BZ 1066), that’s not a dream. It’s a reality, and he considers that moment one of the most special in his life.

In 1991, during the dedication of the new Beta Zeta house at the chapter’s 100th anniversary celebration, Chuck was honored with the Sigma Nu National Man of the Year award for the time and love he poured into the chapter over the 15-year period he served as chapter advisor.

“I became advisor probably in late 1979 or early 1980 and served until spring of 1994,” he said. “When I started, the old house on Littleton Street was going through some really serious problems. There were reported issues of hazing and drug issues, and someone needed to straighten out the issues. I was the only person there in West Lafayette community that had a background with the fraternity and an understanding of what was going on with the house, and I was located about five minutes away.”

And so began the long stretch of years during which Chuck provided guidance and oversight for generations after generations of Sigma Nu brothers.

“During that time, I was exposed to 487 brothers who were initiated, attended 32 initiation ceremonies, and spent 6-8 hours/week in chapter meetings and providing guidance in the areas of career, coursework, future jobs, and internships,” he said.

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